A Pulse Box is an Advanced Logic Cube that emits a Logic Signal for a certain amount of time, after being disabled for a certain amount of time.  When right-clicked, a "Settings" option is revealed to the user.  This option brings up a menu that gives the builder control over the amount of time that the Pulse Box is enabled, and the amount of time that it's disabled.  The minimum disabled/enabled time is 0.1 seconds, and the maximum time is 20.0 seconds.  Pulse Boxes can be deactivated/activated by other Logic Cubes, allowing builders to make Logic circuits that turn on/off on their own, after being activated once by another Logic circuit.  Pulse Boxes can be used to create daylight cycles, when combined with Time Triggers and Skyboxes.

A Pulse Box


A GUI menu for a Pulse Box (click to expand)

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